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Fairtrade Advent

December 19
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Percol Coffee is comin’ to town

Percol Coffee has been on the move since the day it set up shop. Back in 1987, it was the first ground coffee to bear the FAIRTRADE Mark and is now the world's first coffee company to launch a plastic-free range of ground and beans coffee.

Win a sustainability kit worth £300 for an eco-friendly Christmas! (read on to see what’s inside)

The first in the world to launch Fairtrade ground coffee, Percol Coffee has always pioneered the use of organic and single-origin beans. This means their coffee farmers get a fair price, can tackle climate change issues and invest at least 25% of their Fairtrade premium in improving productivity and quality.

Now, Percol is leading the charge again, this time as the world's first coffee company to launch a plastic-free range of ground and beans coffee. But it doesn’t stop there. They’re also on a mission to help you to become a more sustainable shopper and reduce your everyday impact on our environment.

That’s why they’re giving away this seven day sustainability kit, full of helpful freebies for this festive season. Upgrade your Christmas wrapping from disposable to compostable and your takeaway coffee cup from single use to reusable. The kit features: Fairtrade coffee grounds and beans, re-usable coffee cup, copper water flask, copper cafetière, espresso cups & saucers, eco wrapping paper, eco wrapping tape, bamboo toothbrush, metal straws, compost bin, tight-cling stretch tapes and a 4OCEAN bracelet.

Here’s to a happy Christmas and happy drinking!

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